"This question amazes me, but it flatters me, because these rumors are an assessment of my work." Thus, the caretaker regional minister Ivan Shishkov Ivan Shishkovwas born on September 14, 1963 in Sofia. She graduated with a Master's degree in Answers to Maria Tsankarava's question in the show "Why, Mr. Minister?" whether she will be a candidate for mayor of Sofia.

According to him, this rumor is an assessment of the job well done by him in the caretaker cabinet.

"On a personal level, I would like to express deep indignation about some of the things that have recently been hanging on the caretaker cabinet and respectively – on the president. I am indignant that there is talk of the "fifth column", that we are Russophiles and protect the interests of another country. The first thing the caretaker cabinet did was to disconnect Bulgaria from Russian gas – what others did not do within their mandates. We launched the interconnector – this was the opportunity to categorically disconnect from Russian gas. A political force that built Balkan Stream is currently comfortably standing and watching the president accuse him of being a Russophile," Shishkov said.

The caretaker regional minister also stressed that it is not true that not a meter of highways has been built in the last 10 months.

"We have over 30 km that we have put into operation. I have approved over 100 km of DDP for new highways, including the completion of Struma to the border checkpoint, "the minister said.

Shishkov said he knows well Andrey Tsekov, nominated for regional minister in the draft cabinet "Denkov-Gabriel", and believes that he will finish what the caretaker cabinet started.

As urgent tasks for his successor, Shishkov pointed out the completion of the Struma Motorway and the strengthening of the landslide in front of the Zheleznitsa tunnel.

The caretaker regional minister stressed that he has worked intensively to connect through Bulgaria's infrastructure with Europe. In his words, Bulgaria's European connectivity is a problem that has been ignored back in time.

The caretaker cabinet proposes changes in the SPA related to illegal construction

Ivan Shishkov