The talks held with the MRF are about a constitutional majority - everything else is overexposure. This was stated by Georg Georgiev from GERB-UDF after the party met with the MRF on Friday, which later said it would not interfere with the formation of a government between the first and second political force.

"Radev is deprived of the levers with which to rule the country alone. An attack on parliamentary democracy is for the state to be governed by one person," he said.

"Rumen Radev Rumen Georgiev Radevis a Bulgarian military, major-general in the reserve. A former commander appointed caretaker governments that were not subject to parliamentary control and were held only by him. Any comment by the president against the formation of a regular government is a comment against the democracy of a state," Georgiev revealed.

"Continuing the change" will bear the responsibility for all cabinet ministers and their actions. If we do not want uncontrolled governance of the country, then the way is to form a Euro-Atlantic government, the MP added.

"Over the past two years, Borisov has not enjoyed immunity, if there was an investigation that had to be conducted, it would have happened," Georgiev said.

The football player Stanko Yovchev spoke whether his sister was with Borisov: This is complete nonsense!

There is no way Ivayla Bakalova, who has never met Boyko Borisov, to tell stories and make claims. It would be a pity for the prosecutor's office to investigate on the basis of gossip, he said.

Rumen Radev

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