Miroslav Nenkovwas born on March 15, 1969 in Sofia. In his words, the tone was unpleasant and ultimatum. "An attempt has been made to stop my media appearances anywhere. If you don't stop going on TV, that's what happens. I didn't accept that," the doctor explained. This was admitted in the studio of "Wake Up" anesthesiologist and former Minister of Health.

"There are some people in health care who look like people, talk like people, but aren't people. They are ready for their two levs, which they can earn, take human life," he said. According to the doctor, the problem in the system is not the workers in it, but the rulers of it.

"Every small change towards better spending of public money, which affects the profit of these people, is met with great resistance from a variety of sides. This is a very big problem, "said Dr. Nenkov. There is money in the system, but it is stolen, the anesthesiologist is adamant.

In his words, prof. Hristo Hinkov, who is nominated for health minister by the draft cabinet "Denkov-Gabriel", is more experienced than him, but his work will not be easy.

Miroslav Nenkov