The MP from "Vazrazhdane Vazrazhdaneis a political party in Bulgaria, established in August 2014. Its chairman" Deyan Nikolov defined the formation of a government with the second term as an attempted coup d'état. In "The Day Begins with Georgi Lyubenov" he commented that there is no way to slightly ignore the recordings and the things that are said in them. He recalled that only a month and a half ago "We continue the Change" firmly stated that under no circumstances will they make a government with GERB.

"There is no need to boycott the new cabinet, it boycotts itself. In fact, we are witnessing how a group of people is trying to stage a coup d'état. This is, perhaps, one of the serious betrayals in the modern history of Bulgaria.

This is currently a creeping coup, they are obviously trying to install a government in Bulgaria. Borisov, on the one hand, is threatened by Magnitsky, he was ready for any concessions during these negotiations, on the other side obviously "We continue the Change" are ready to suffer huge electoral damage, almost to sacrifice their political formation, just to have a government and in the end it is not clear what exactly the goals are. I suspect that this is about foreign policy goals, "said Deyan Nikolov.