"Everything on the draft cabinet has been agreed. I don't expect there to be any changes. What was reached was an extremely difficult compromise, it is not subject to revision. We shouldn't have any surprises. This will be a democratically elected government of the parliamentary republic - 1.2m euros. People stand behind him. There are certainly disappointed voters, but what is at stake is going to new elections. I believe that this week there will be a regular cabinet, "said in the show "In Focus" GERB MP Denitsa SachevaDenitsa Sacheva was born on November 2, 1973 in Sofia. Sofia. From 2017 to December 2019 it is.

According to her, the immunity of MPs should be acted impartially and in principle. "The fate of the Prosecutor General will be decided by the SJC and the president, who must sign the decree," the lawmaker noted. And he specified that the DPS participated in the talks only in connection with a constitutional majority.

"There is no deal with Delyan Peevski The businessman and MP for 4 mandates from the civil quota of the MRF Delyan Peevskiwas born in Sofia on. It is their internal decision to participate in the talks. They are an actor who will be important for professional discussions on judicial reform, "said Sacheva.

She also commented on the president's words when handing out the second term - that he has already been discredited. "I do not think it was necessary Rumen Radev Rumen Georgiev Radevis a Bulgarian military, a major general in the reserve. A former commander of the Guardian made this statement. KirilPetkov and Assen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change" instead of speaking openly. If there had been irregularities related to their regular management, they could have been shown to the public. This behavior is an attempt to shift the blame from the sick guilt to the healthy one, and behind this there is a reluctance to have a regular government," she said.

In her words, it is high time for Bulgaria to be governed by those who are elected. "Regarding Assen Vassilev, we have our criticisms and concerns, he is a requirement of the PP to be part of this cabinet, so they will be responsible for his actions. He knows that he has a serious dose of distrust of him. There is an opportunity to show whether the power is for the public utility or a personal whim. We accept Vassilev's nomination, but his proposals will not be unconditionally accepted. Obviously, an attempt is being made for political pressure on the decisions of the National Assembly for constitutional changes and judicial reform," Sacheva explained.

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