Train collision in India leaves more than 200 dead 0:58

(CNN) -- Indian Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said Sunday that the cause and those responsible for the deadly train accident had been identified, but declined to elaborate.

"This incident occurred due to a change in the electronic interlock. We will find out who was responsible for that error in our investigation," Vaishnaw told Indian news agency ANI.

"Let the investigation report come out. But the cause has been identified and those responsible have been identified. It is not appropriate to say anything at this time. Let the whole matter be investigated by the competent authorities," he continued.

Vaishnaw said the goal now is restoration; "Our goal is to have a complete and normal situation by Wednesday morning," Vaishnaw said, adding that "we have mobilized a lot of resources."

  • More than 280 dead and 1,000 injured in triple train crash in India

The death toll from the train crash was revised from 288 to 275. The corrected figure is due to an error in the counting of some bodies, according to Odisha state chief secretary Pradeep Jena.


Rescue efforts at the site of the deadly train accident in the eastern Indian state of Odisha ended Saturday night and workers began removing debris and debris.

"The 21 carriages that overturned due to the train derailment at Bahanaga Bazar station have been immobilized. Now the place is being cleared," read a statement issued Sunday by the Press Information Office, citing the state Department of Railways.

India's Ministry of Railways said in a statement Saturday that more than 1,000 workers are intervening with seven bulldozers, two relief trains and four rail and road cranes.

Indian PM praises rescue teams

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised local authorities and people involved in search and rescue operations in the eastern state of Odisha.

"I commend each and every person belonging to the railway teams, NDRF (National Disaster Response Force), ODRAF (Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force), local authorities, police, firefighters, volunteers and others who are working tirelessly on the ground and reinforcing rescue operations. Proud of his dedication," Modi tweeted Saturday.

Work to clear and repair the tracks is already underway. Officials had hoped to find bodies under the wreckage, but there was little hope of finding survivors.

"... We will take out the wagons one by one, but we don't have much hope of finding survivors," Sudhanshu Sarangi, director general of the Odisha fire services, told the Indian news agency ANI on Saturday.

Compensation announced for victims

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the crash site on Saturday.

The chief minister of the eastern Indian state of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, announced on Sunday compensation of 500,000 rupees ($6,067) for relatives of those killed in the deadly train crash and 100,000 rupees ($1,213) for those who suffered serious injuries.

Patnaik also spoke by phone with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to update him on the latest developments following the deadly train accident, particularly the condition of the injured, according to a statement issued by the Odisha Department of Information and Public Relations.

Patnaik "assured that all possible measures have been taken to save the lives of injured passengers in different hospitals," the statement said.

"Doctors, medical students are doing everything they can to save lives. Doctors, students and citizens are donating blood for the injured," the statement continued.

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