A new fiscal target should be set for the budget, i.e. to completely change the philosophy and structure of the state budget. ... The new fiscal target should be to balance the budget and fall below the 3% deficit. A balanced budget is made with a very precise refinement of revenue and expenditure. A serious balance between investment and social costs. This was told to the BNR by Assoc. Grigory Vazov, Member of the Fiscal Council and lecturer in Finance.

"By the end of the year, it is not possible to reduce the deficit to 3%. For half a year there is no way. What we dream of - 3% and below 3% budget deficit - is logical to start happening after July or August 2024", explained the financier and stressed that the most realistic date for Bulgaria's entry into the euro area is January 1, 2025.

Economists Galabinov and Ivanova: Do not touch the Silver Fund

He predicts that there will be no cuts in social spending in the new budget:

"No one will afford this. There is no such bold government. ... They can be refined, but they will not be shortened. We need very serious capital expenditures to balance the budget on its revenue side."

There is no reason to increase the interest rateson loans, Assoc. Vazov.