Ukrainian designer Andre Tan showed rare shots with his 7-year-old daughter Sofia, who was born in marriage with entrepreneur Alina Kharechko.

The fashion designer shared the relevant content on Instagram. Andre Tan showed how little Sofia slept sweetly in bed, sticking her nose into the pillow. However, the designer hid his daughter's face.

Andre Tan's daughter / Photo:

"My gift of fate. It seems that until recently I held you so tiny in my arms and admired your first steps, and now you are almost 8 years old... However, nothing has changed - you are still the same little girl for me, and I continue to admire your every step," Andre touchingly addressed his daughter.

The designer also showed how he spends time with little Sofiyka. In particular, Tang reads fairy tales to his daughter at night.

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"I love it when you fall asleep so sweetly at night, sniffle with your sweet nose, throw your little legs at me, hug and look with your eyes – at such moments it seems that there are no problems in the world, and everything around is as pure and tender as you. Your "I love you so much, Dad" makes me melt away. Love you, daughter! Thank you for being in my life and giving me the opportunity to feel all this range of emotions that parenthood gives. The time spent with you is the most valuable thing in my life," Andre said.

We will remind, recently singer Tonya Matvienko showed rare shots with daughters. The singer brings up 7-year-old Nina and 24-year-old Uliana.

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