Nicola Bauer, a mother of two from Britain, who weighed 50 kilograms at 140, survived a stroke. The disease temporarily deprived her of her speech. So, the woman promised to change her life and in a year lost half thanks to a new hobby.

Writes about it mirror.

"One day a woman was found unconscious by her teenage son. Doctors diagnosed a stroke. Nicola temporarily lost the ability to speak and did not feel the right side of her body. In addition, doctors at the hospital found her heart defect. The rescue surgery corrected this, but the woman's overweight, which caused her stroke, still carried a threat to her life.

A woman weighing 140 kilograms lost half thanks to a hobby Photo: mirror

Then the woman weighed 140-kilograms and, although she tried fast diets to lose a few pounds, each time she gained them again when she returned to her diet.

She usually skipped breakfast, while "snacking" with white bread and butter, sandwiches, chips throughout the day.

In the evening, Bauer cooked spaghetti bolognese and seized the dish with garlic bread. The woman also liked mashed steak with pieces of butter or bought grilled chicken with cheese for dinner in the store.

The mother of two children "treated" fatigue and bad mood with carbohydrates: chips, cookies, drank only sweet carbonated drinks.

However, illness and a postcard in the mailbox forced a change in the woman's diet and eating habits.

"One day I saw in a mail package a flyer about a 12-month weight loss program in a group. So, I decided to join. At first it was scary, but later I got carried away," she says.

For a year, a woman weighing 140 kilograms lost half the weight. She changed her 24th clothing size to the 12th, and later to the 10th.

A change in diet and several nutritional principles that she adheres to help her maintain weight.

The woman replaced the oil with a low-calorie spray, refused butter and sweet water.

She doesn't buy cookies. And fresh fruit, yogurt and low-calorie jelly added to the menu.

Nicola started cycling, and now travels 12-30 km a day to keep her heart healthy.

"In Sheffield [a city in Britain] many hills. I used to overcome them hard and every time I was terribly suffocating when I walked with dogs," the woman recalls.

Recall, the American, who weighed 152 kg, lost almost 90 kg after barely could fit on two seats in the plane.

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