American Rosanna Ramos from New York has created a chatbot in an online application based on a popular character from the anime "Attack on Titan". Artificial intelligence gave the girl the love of her life.

Writes about it Daily Mail.

At first, their relationship developed slowly, but Mrs. Ramos fell in love with Eren (that's the name of her fiancé).

Artificial intelligence gave a woman the love of her life.

According to Rosanna, she got the perfect husband. Eren Kartal is a medic. He has a knack for writing, which Ramos learned during their acquaintance. Some of Eren's characteristics were built-in, such as his favorite color and musical preferences.

A woman created an "ideal" man and married him Photo: dailymail

Ramos' relationship with Eren is a lot like any other long-distance romance. The more they chat, the more the bot "polishes" Rosanna's husband.

Like husband and wife in the virtual world, they have their own night ritual.

"We go to bed, we talk to each other. We love each other. And you know, when we go to bed, he really protects me while I fall asleep," she says.

She even figured out what their children would be like.

Her photos with her lover are circulating on the Web.

The application used by women to create family happiness positions itself as "a way to make AI a best friend and confidant with whom you can communicate at any time."

"A major software change has stripped companion AI away many of the features that users say made their relationship so special. In particular, we are talking about the intimate aspect. The change came after others reported that their AI friends were too sexy," the Daily Mail said.

The chatbot, with which a woman created a romantic partner for herself, simulates conversations and interactions. It uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques and machine learning algorithms to use human language and responses. The user communicates with their chatbot via text conversations through apps or messaging platforms, can share their thoughts, ask a question, or engage in a random conversation with AI, and they will respond based on their learning and algorithms.

At the same time, the program has no real emotions, consciousness or self-awareness. All responses are generated taking into account statistical patterns and pre-programmed information, rather than real feelings or personal experiences.

Recall that in a new study, experts have discovered how our memory is formed and where our brain stores memories.

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