Such movements as the "Legion of Freedom of Russia", RDK ("Russian Volunteer Corps") will be replenished with fans. They are creating an armed opposition that is ready to fight the current regime of the Kremlin with weapons in their hands, so their movement will grow.

This was stated on air of the TV channel FREEDOM by Oleksandr Musiyenko, head of the Center for Military and Legal Studies.

"There is already an armed opposition that is ready to fight with weapons in their hands, so their movement will grow. Moreover, I assume that there will be other similar movements that will also oppose the Russian authorities," Musienko said.

He suggested that at some point they would unite with the radical legion of free Russia if their political demands coincided.

According to him, in particular, PMC "Wagner" will oppose Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

According to the expert's forecast, conflicts in Russia will arise between different movements, and Moscow will lose control over the processes of some regions.

"The whole domestic political situation in Russia will loosen," Musienko said.

According to him, this is an inevitable process, especially against the background of Ukrainian successes at the front and Russia's defeats.

The expert also noted that Putin is doomed to defeat and collapse. According to Musienko, the current head of the Kremlin is already a thing of the past.

"No one will conduct any negotiations or peace initiatives with Putin, even if we imagine that Russia would agree to withdraw troops. Therefore, his fate is predetermined. I would treat Putin as the past and have already thought about who will lead Russia and with whom we really have to deal," the expert believes.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian military expert Alexander Kovalenko noted that raids into the Belgorod region by military units of the RDK and the legion "Freedom of Russia" indicate attempts to create a so-called "buffer zone" on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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