Ostap Onistrat with the call sign "Bender", the son of the famous Ukrainian banker and businessman Andriy Onistrat, will be buried on Tuesday, June 6, at the Kyiv cemetery "Berkovytsi".

This was announced by his father on social networks.

"I think they will give it to me tomorrow morning with all the documents. We will have a funeral service in the church where we baptized him on Tuesday. This is on Smirnov-Lastochkin. We will bury them on Tuesday on Berkovtsy. It's a hard night again. He woke up as if in moral captivity. I can't get away from my thoughts," the businessman said.

The father also shared heartbreaking memories of his son.

"He was never afraid of anything or anyone. He was always ready to perform any task. He was annoyed by army stupidity and attempts to do nothing... He left the Airborne Assault Forces because there he had to "do nothing. And more... he was by this point the son of "Onistratus". And now, I am the father of the hero Ostap Onistrat. Surely he subconsciously wanted it. Unfortunately, in such a difficult and irreversible way...", the banker wrote.

Press service of the 68th separate huntsman brigade. Oleksa Dovbush said that Ostap was the operator of the UAV strike department.

"He was supposed to be 22 in a month... Ostap "Bender" Onistrat, an operator of the strike UAVs, was killed at the front. Sincere condolences to his father, who commands the unit, and Ostapa's comrades-in-arms," the post reads.

Recall that on June 2, Ukrainian banker and businessman Andriy Onistrat announced the death of his son Ostap in the war. The tragedy occurred near Vuhledar, Donetsk region. They served together in the Army.

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