Russian propagandists changed their focus from Bakhmut to the occupiers' offensive operation near Marinka. Now they decide among themselves who controls the city more.

It is reported by ISW.

It is noted that the Russians are already deciding who will be responsible for the successes, despite their absence.

"Kadyrovtsy" & "Wagnerites"

Analysts of the Institute report that a Russian military correspondent close to the criminal PMC "Wagner" said that the main role in the "successes" around Marinka is allegedly played by soldiers of the 150th and 20th motorized rifle divisions of the so-called "DPR". Instead, other propagandists claim that the Sparta battalion and the formations "Cascade" and "Rusich" allegedly also participated in the "successes" around Mariinka.

"These discussions about successes coincide with reports of the arrival of Chechen forces to take responsibility for the Donetsk front and complete the capture of Marinka and other settlements in the area," the report said.

The institute believes that such a wave was launched to undermine Kadyrov's ability to use any further achievements to increase his authority.

Many irregular formations may resent Kadyrov's attempt to claim responsibility for any successes after months of grueling offensives.

Meanwhile, after the withdrawal of part of PMC "Wagner" units from Bakhmut and its environs, the role of Russian saboteurs increases in the city.

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