Fake audio and video created by artificial intelligence are becoming more and more unrecognizable than real ones. But the bigger threat is to texts, as Chat GPT will be able to amplify, multiply the efforts of current disinformants by millions of times. Those who are easily manipulated will become easier to manipulate, said journalist Hristo Grozev in a discussion on "Freedom of choice of audience" at the 18th World Meeting of Bulgarian Media.

"They create adaptive text to participate in a particular discussion to misinform. This will affect the more easily protruding part of society, "added Grozev.

Moderator of the discussion was the Director of the "LIK" Directorate at BTA Assoc. Georgi Lozanov. He quotes Robert Cappa. "Aesthetics of danger – the more dangerous a photo is to take it, the nicer it is," said Assoc. Daniels. And he brought this thought to the work of Hristo Grozev in "Bellingcat".

Hristo Grozev appeals his arrest in absentia

Grozev told about the Navalny case and the work on his investigation.

"In the case of Navalny, there was no relationship with the secret service, because this man did not know, he thought he was reporting to his boss," he said. Regarding doubts about whether journalists have the right to impersonate another person in order to collect data, he explained that in this case, Navalny as a victim of assassination had this right. "And I, as a journalist, had the right to stay in the room and write down," Grozev explained.

"The conversation was 52 minutes. I was worried for the entire 52 minutes of this conversation about what was going to happen to this man who told everything so idiotically," he said.

Hristo Grozev said that a year later they found a covid test of the man who revealed the whole truth about the Navalny case, i.e. he is alive.

"We found that it was operating in a downgraded mode outside Moscow. And when I analyze why he's alive, my personal answer is that Putin's regime can't kill incompetents. But if he starts killing incompetents, he will fail," Grozev said.

BTA organizes the 18th World Meeting of Bulgarian Media in Kazanlak from 1 to 4 June 2023 with the assistance of the Municipality of Kazanlak, the National Endowment Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria", "Aurubis Bulgaria", PAC "Doverie", "Postbank", A1 and "Nestle Bulgaria" AD.

Hristo Grozev