From June 1, Ukrainians will see an increase in electricity tariffs, additional payments for pensioners, additional railway routes and new rules for processing documents for citizens from the occupied territories. has collected the main innovations.

Increase in electricity tariffs

In Ukraine, from June 1, the tariff for electricity was increased. This is due to the fact that the country needs funds to restore infrastructure after Russian shelling.

Energy Minister German Halushchenko urgently submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers a resolution to increase the electricity tariff for the population. It is known that the new tariff will be 2.64 hryvnias/kWh.

What will happen to subsidies

After the increase in electricity tariffs in Ukraine, citizens will continue to receive subsidies that will cover this increased cost, Deputy Minister of Social Policy Daryna Marchak said on the air of the United News telethon.

According to her, today 2.2 million households receive subsidies, another 1.3 million receive benefits. After the increase in electricity tariffs, new appeals for state aid are expected.

"There will be new appeals, and new citizens who feel that their income is not enough to cover housing and communal services will apply. We are working to simplify the mechanism for issuing subsidies both offline and online," Marchak said.

She assured that the state has money for subsidies. Thus, the budget provided UAH 37 billion for subsidies and benefits. This assistance will cover the increased cost of electricity.

"All those citizens who already receive subsidies, they will actually not have to do anything at all, because subsidies for them will increase automatically," the deputy minister said.

Increase in pensions

Additional payments will be received by pensioners whose pensions were recalculated earlier. In April, the recalculation was carried out for working pensioners. In June, they will be able to receive increased payments immediately in 3 months — April, May, June, due to the fact that paid salary contributions come to the Pension Fund late.

Pensions are transferred to working pensioners in the following cases:

  • If they continued to work after the appointment or preliminary recalculation of the pension and had 1 months of insurance experience as of March 2023, 24.
  • If they have worked for less than 24 months, but 2 years have already passed since the appointment or preliminary recalculation of the pension.

The amount of pension increase after recalculation is different for each pensioner, depending on the length of service and earnings.

Additional train routes

On June 1, Polish railways launched additional flights to Ukraine — another train began to run from Warsaw to Lviv region, according to the Department of Transport and Communications of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

Thus, the Polish railway company SKPL launched flights from Warsaw to Rava-Ruska. Every day in both directions will run a train designed for 240 passengers.


  • departure from the station "Warsaw-Wschodnia" is scheduled at 14:00 (local time), from Lublin – at 16:00;
  • arrival to Rava-Ruska — at 20:15 (Kyiv time).

Passengers after passing border and customs control in Ukraine will be able to use other flights of "Ukrzaliznytsia".

New rules for paperwork

On June 2, a law comes into force amending the rules for processing a number of documents. Thus, citizens registered in the temporarily occupied territory or in the territory of battles can issue and exchange identity documents and confirming citizenship of Ukraine at the place of application.

Ukrainians registered in the temporarily occupied territories can register their place of residence without deregistering them at their previous place of residence.

Recall, the National Bank of Ukraine set the official exchange rate for Friday, June 2. We tell you how much the dollar, euro and zloty cost.

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