Over the past 10 years, Moscow has worked on deepening Europe's dependence on Russian oil and gas. But as soon as Russia began an invading war against Ukraine, Europe rapidly and decisively turned its back on Russian energy resources.

The EPA reports that U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said this during a speech on the Ukrainian war in front of Finnish political experts in Helsinki.

"Berlin stopped the Northern Flow." Before the war, 37 percent of European gas was imported from Russia, but in less than a year Europe reduced that import by more than half. In 2022, Europe generated a fifth of its energy from solar and wind."

According to Blinken, the U.S. has doubled the volume of gas it imports for its partners in Europe: "Our partners in Asia, Korea and Japan, have also increased gas exports to Europe. The threshold on the price of oil we accepted at G7 level lowered the price of Russian oil on the international market and it reduced Russian revenues. Less than a year after the spill, Revenue from Russian oil sales has fallen by up to 43 percent and, most importantly, Moscow will not be able to return to the market it lost in Europe," Blinken stressed.