Trinity Saturday, Saturday before Trinity or Pentecost are the names of one holiday. In the Christian tradition, it always falls on the Saturday before Trinity, so it is celebrated on different dates every year.

Trinity Parent Saturday 2023: When

For Orthodox Christians, Trinity Parents' Saturday has a special meaning. After all, it helps to cleanse oneself spiritually before Pentecost, to prepare to receive the Holy Spirit. In 2023, Trinity Parents' Saturday falls on June 3.

What not to do on Trinity Parents' Saturday

On the eve of the Trinity, believers adhere to certain prohibitions and restrictions that help spiritually prepare for the great holiday. Among the main ones:

  • you need to observe fasting and not eat meat products - it is better to replace them with vegetables, fruits, cereals;
  • refrain from entertainment venues and other entertainment - do not attend various events, theaters, concerts, parties, it is better to concentrate on prayers and spiritual reflections;
  • It is not recommended to swear, swear, insult others - it is better to avoid any conflict situations, try to resolve any misunderstandings.

It is also very important on the eve of Trinity to visit the church, listen to services, pray and receive holy communion.

Try not to engage in physical affairs, drink alcohol, engage in the garden, knit and sew, remember with bad words relatives who have already died.

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