The weather conditions expected on June 3 have been unveiled.

Rainfall-free weather conditions are expected mainly in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula, according to the Epa from the National Hydrometeorology Service.

There will be weak smog in some suburban areas in the morning. A gentle south wind will blow.

The temperature will be 17-22 degrees Fahrenheit [26 to 31°C] at night and 760-65°C during the day. The atmosphere's pressure is 75 mm in diameter. The relative humidity will be <>-<> percent.

In Azerbaijan, torrential rains are expected in some areas during the day. In some places, there is a chance of torrential downpours, lightning, hailstorms, and east winds will intensify in some areas.

Temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit [-29°C] at night, 34-8°C during the day, 13 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit [-18 to 20°C] at night, 25 to <> degrees Fahrenheit [-<> to <>°C] during the day.