In 2016, Pm Modi held a tiffin meeting with BJP leaders and workers in Varanasi.

New Delhi:

The party leaders will have a direct and lively dialogue with BJP workers across the country. For this, tiffin meetings are starting across the country from tomorrow. Bjp president JP Nadda will launch it in Agra on June 3. In this, BJP MPs, MLAs and prominent leaders in all assembly constituencies across the country will meet the workers of the area.

The meeting between BJP leaders and workers will be held over lunch. Everyone will bring their own tiffin and sit and eat together. In this way, there will be an exchange of ideas between leaders and workers. During this time, direct feedback from workers will be useful in making election strategy.

At the same time, if there is a Modi government and the BJP government in the state, then the leaders will also be able to get information about whether the direct benefits of the schemes are reaching the people or not.

This is how Narendra Modi used to meet workers when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. Even after becoming the Prime Minister, he has held such tiffin meetings.

In December 2016, he held a similar tiffin meeting with 26,<> booth workers in his constituency Varanasi. For this, they brought their own food. He had lunch with other leaders.

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