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The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria submitted to the registry of the 49th National Assembly a request for lifting the immunity of a Member of Parliament and former Prime Minister B.B. on the proposal of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office.

The proposal of the supervising prosecutor from the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office states that in the case it is necessary to carry out investigative actions, including involvement as an accused, which are likely to affect the legal sphere of the Member of the National Assembly.

Borissov: I will not voluntarily give my immunity

By a decision of the CEC of 08.04.2023, B.B. was declared a Member of Parliament and after taking the oath on 12.04.2023, a person with immunity appeared.

According to the provision of art. 70 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and according to art. 136, par. 3, p. with al. 1 of the Rules of Organization and Procedure of the National Assembly the initiation of criminal proceedings against a Member of the National Assembly shall be possible only with the permission of the National Assembly or with the written consent of B.B.

Attorney General

Request for immunity