Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made another statement on the war in Ukraine. In particular, he called on Ukraine to begin peace talks with Russia for a ceasefire.

It is reported by Telex.

According to Orban, Ukrainians are preparing a counteroffensive, which "is a matter of Ukrainians," despite this, he stressed that the attacking side suffers three times more losses than the defender.

"And in a country whose population is only a small part of the population of the opposing side, to launch a major military offensive in such conditions means to arrange a bloody massacre. We must do everything possible, even before the start of the counteroffensive, to convince the parties of the need for a ceasefire and peace negotiations," the Hungarian Prime Minister said.

Moreover, Orban complained that it was difficult for him to be the only prime minister in the EU who advocated peace, saying that "if you are Hungarian, you must stand up for what is right."

The Hungarian prime minister added that as long as he is in power, Hungary will not fight Russia.

Meanwhile, the European Parliament may question Hungary's ability to hold the EU presidency due to Budapest's systematic violations of European values. The commission's report shows that the country is not progressing in this direction.

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