In Washington, D.C., an official reception and banquet was held on the 105th anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the <>th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan, Erica Olson, deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, Laura Cooper, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Eurasia, Russia and Ukraine, and Brigadle General Colby Watt, head of the Oklahoma National Guard.

At the same time, more than 30 guests were present, including ambassadors from some 600 countries, numerous military personnel, leaders and representatives of Jewish organizations and various research centers, as well as members of the Azerbaijani community in the United States.

Speaking at the inauguration, Ambassador Xerxes Abraham Ulu Oder Heydər Əliyev emphasized the unique role of our country in reaching its current global status as the founder of an independent Azerbaijani state. At the same time, ulu Oder's unique contribution to the establishment and development of Azerbaijan-U.S. relations was highlighted in various aspects of strategic cooperation and cooperation between our countries and expressed hope that Azerbaijan-U.S. cooperation would be further developed. Later, the 21-year history of establishing a partnership with Oklahoma State in the United States was highlighted, highlighting the importance of the partnership. In addition to notes, the ambassador talked about Azerbaijan's current policy in the fields of energy and connections, Europe's role in ensuring energy security, and its work and initiative on transitioning to alternative energy sources in the Global Climate Change Fund.

The ambassador pointed out that President Ilham Əliyev of the Republic of Azerbaijan participated in the 2nd Summit of the "European Political Union" held in Kishinev, Moldova's capital, where discussions on the future of Europe were held today.

Regarding the glorious history of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Rustam Gözelov, a U.S. military commander who participated in both Civil War, emphasized the importance of our armed forces today and the liberation of our lands from invasion during the 44-day Civil War.

Senior U.S. officials congratulated Azerbaijan on both landmark events and emphasized their interest in further developing cooperation in important areas, such as defense and security, the fight against transnational threats, border security, energy security, and the fight against terrorism. Strategic cooperation between our countries has been emphasized in promoting peace and security in our region.

Following the talks, guests were read a declaration signed by U.S. Mayor Muriel Bauzer on May 28 – Azerbaijan's Independence Day.

During the reception, video clips of our country's Independence Day and Armed Forces Day were shown.

In the cultural section of the initiative, our U.S. citizen, Mary Najafzadeh, performed our national dances based on music from the opera "Yellow Bride" and "Koroğlu."

During the campaign, guests were given a banquet of Azerbaijani national cuisine.