The U.S. and its allies are confident that Ukraine needs to be given modern air forces, but the process will take a long time and will not affect Kiev's upcoming military action.

The EPA reports to the AP that Mark Millie, chairman of the U.S. Headquarters Chiefs Committee, has reported the matter.

He added that training in U.S. "Abrams" tanks to Ukrainian forces has begun and while these systems are not ready in time for the expected counter-attack, these weapons will play a critical role in the long term for Ukraine to squeeze Russia out of its occupied territories

"While tanks are needed to pull Russian forces out of Ukrainian territory, the F-16s will be part of a longer-term security plan to prevent future attacks," The National said in a statement.

"Everyone understands that Ukraine needs a modernized Air Force. It will take a long time," he added.

The national has said talks are currently under way between the Netherlands and Britain, which have committed to providing the U.S. and F-16s with the types of flight tactics and places for training. The number of pilots to be trained is also being discussed.

It should be noted that the U.S. has not yet announced whether it will introduce planes, but President Joe Biden has indicated that he will support U.S. F-16 training.