Singer Iryna Bilyk has prepared a surprise for her fans and released a new version of her 1996 hit "I'm Going to War".

27 years after the premiere, the track not only did not lose its relevance, but on the contrary received a new meaning for Ukrainians. The composition, according to the performer, combines emotional experiences and love drama.

"During the war, there is still room for love. On the one hand, the lyrics are cruel and correspond to the mood of today, but on the other hand, the war of a person in love with his soul is also painful and relevant. Love each other even when there is no strength and it seems that everything is destroyed. The victory is ours! The war will not be eternal," Bilyk shared.

Together with the song, Bilyk presented a hand-drawn clip, in which she showed the usual pictures of our lives.

The song reminded fans of Bilyk's carefree times before the war and fascinated them with a new sound of familiar lines: "Incredibly beautiful", "I did not think that this song would become so relevant", "Irina, very sensually and brightly", "I love this song".

Recall that the fans were also pleased with her musical premiere singer Alina Grosu, who released the track "Thunderstorms".

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