With a nationwide pilgrimage to Okolchitsa peak in the Vratsa Balkan, hundreds of people from the country today paid tribute to Hristo Botev and those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria.

At the top, to bow to the memory of the heroes was Prime Minister Galab Donev. In his speech he pointed out that with every treason and rewriting of the prayer for freedom and independence of Botev - we kill him again. In his words, freedom cannot come to you at a convenient moment and it is a resistance to any manifestation of tyranny and lawlessness.

Prime Minister Galab Donev: For our national heroes freedom is a choice and a struggle

The commemorative rally began with the poem "To Botev", performed by Nikola Asenov. The poem was among the winners of this year's National Competition "We Live in the Land of Botev", its author is Kaloyan Popski from Lovech. The poem "Hadzhi Dimitar" recited the actor Borislav Borisov, and the quartet "Harmony" performed the Bulgarian anthem. His Eminence Metropolitan Gregory of Vratsa served for Bulgaria.

The participants in the pilgrimage were greeted by the mayor of Vratsa Kalin Kamenov, who pointed out that "today is a day of humility, respect and gratitude to those who dreamed not of themselves, but of the generations after them to be free and independent." He said that lately with the divisions between us we have corrupted the memory of the characters and added: "It's time to correct ourselves, to become aware, to forgive each other and to unite."

On the stage among the official guests were also the Minister of Justice Kroez Zarkov, MPs, the Regional Governor of Vratsa Georgi Mitov, the Chairman of the Municipal Council – Vratsa Vladimir Hristov and others.

Traditionally, the head of the national march "In the footsteps of Botev's detachment "Kozloduy-Okolchitsa" Evgeni Filipov reported to the Prime Minister and the Mayor of Vratsa that the largest tourist event in the country was normal and with high spirits, and gave them wrists of geraniums. Over 1500,120 participants from all over the country crossed the <>-kilometer road of the heroes this year.

After the speeches, servicemen from the Vratsa garrison paid military honors at the monument on Mount Okolchitsa and together with pilgrims laid wreaths and flowers of gratitude. In the chapel, at the base of the monument, Metropolitan Gregory and priests from the Vratsa diocese served "Trisagium" - a memorial church service for the fallen heroic for the Fatherland. During the ceremony, Mayor Kalin Kamenov also adopted the flag of the participants in the Kozloduy-Okolchitsa cycling tour.

Hristo Botev

Okolchitsa peak

Commemorative ceremony