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An illegal drug manufacturing factory has been caught in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Actually, this factory was of cloth, where drugs were being made illegally. This entire black business was going on in a society. From here, drugs were hidden in bundles of cloth and sent to Nepal, Mumbai, Bangladesh and northeastern states. Three foreign nationals have been arrested in this case. Let us tell you that in the last 15 days, about 50 kg of drugs have been caught in Greater Noida. Its price in the international market is said to be close to Rs 500 crore.

In a raid in Greater Noida on May 16, police arrested nine persons — Anudum, Ajoku Ubak, Domiyal, Dramamod, Levi, Jacob, Kofi, Chhidi and Ajoku — from a gang manufacturing MDMA drugs and recovered drugs worth around Rs 300 crore from them, Police Commissioner Laxmi Singh said. He said that beta-2 police station and Kasna police station interrogated the arrested accused in police custody and during this time one of the accused told that their other associates were also engaged in illegal drug manufacturing work in a house of a society located in Greater Noida area.

The Police Commissioner said that on the basis of this information, a team was formed and raided the said place on Wednesday. Police arrested three Nigerian nationals - Solomon, Simon and Remy - from there, he said. The police recovered 30 kg 900 grams of MDMA drugs from the spot, he said, adding that the value of the drug in the international market is around Rs 150 crore. During interrogation, the police have got some more clues and based on these, efforts are being made to arrest more people involved in the drug manufacturing work, he said.

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