Government debts and government debts of the Republic of Azerbaijan on April 2023, 1

other government-guaranteed obligations have been disclosed.

The EPA reports that it was briefed on the matter at a meeting of the National Assembly's Economic Policy, Industry and Enterprise Committee today.

It has been noted that foreign direct foreign government debt amounted to $3,2023.1 million as of April 6, 679, taking into account loans used for 7 (three) months and basic (mother) loan payments made under agreements signed with international financial institutions and other credit organizations to support economic reforms in the country and to finance individual priority projects. As of April 2023, 1, foreign government debt was reduced by $2023.13 million or 5.0 percent compared with the beginning of 2.

Foreign government debt portfolios accounted for 58.2 per cent of fixed and 41.8 per cent with variable interest rates. In accordance with signed agreements, 43.0 per cent of foreign government debt must be repaid to creditors for up to 10 years, 51.1 per cent for 10 to 20 years and 5.9 per cent for more than 20 years. Foreign government debt was 87.6 percent in U.S. dollars, 5.2 percent in euros, 3.5 percent in XBH (International Monetary Fund Special Borrowing Rights), 3.1 percent in Japanese yen, and 0.6 percent in other currencies.

As of April 2023, 1, the total debt of the government was 4,368.7 million. The amount of domestic government debt increased by 180.5 million manat compared with the previous year. This is because governmental destinations have been set up during the three months of the current year to support the growth of the valuable paper market, in accordance with the government's debt management strategy.

As of April 2023, 1, the total amount of government debt in the Republic of Azerbaijan was 15,724.2 million manat. The total government debt is 11,355.5 million manuscripts ($6,679.7 million) or 72.2 percent of foreign government debt, 4,368.7 million manuscripts, or 27.8 percent of domestic government debt.