This intention for the government to be 9 months and another 9 months is symbolic – this is the period in which a new life is created. The words are of Assoc. Evelina Hristova from the Department of Media and Communications at NBU in the show "Your Day" on NOVA NEWS.

"I would like to believe that eventually what is written on the building of the National Assembly will be realized. There was a big talk the previous days – when the first two political forces, elected by the people with 51.5% are trying for a government, should be respected. ... The recording and its consequences will resound in space for a long time – it is about work methods, "said Hristova. According to her, the inclusion of DPS in this process can be considered positive.

According to Pepi Dimitrova – a communications expert, if we are a public figure, our personal life is part of the public one.

"If we're surprised by the PP now, then we haven't learned our lesson. Mariya Gabriel will have a key role because her style, way of speaking and behaving are close to the other side," she said.

Ass. Malinov, political scientist: Dark forces are trying to destroy what has been achieved between PP and GERB

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