A completely naked Briton shocked visitors to a gas station after he began casually pouring petrol into his BMW.

Moreover, its license plate read "NA 02 KED" (naked - nude).

Eyewitness Queen Kelly spotted him at a gas station when he was returning home, took a few shots and posted them on Facebook.

Naked man at a gas station / Photo: Facebook

Its license plate says "NA 02 KED" / Photo: Facebook

Days later, the man was identified as 44-year-old Stuart Gilmour, who has been involved in naturism for about eight years.

Gilmour commented on Kelly's post, saying that he is "proud to be a nudist and promote body positivity, mental health through naturism, and raising money for charities."

"I like to promote that it's good for your mental health and it's a natural way to live when the weather is good enough," the man continued.

One of many old #trainstations on route converted in to homes and holiday let’s.#normalisingnaturism #cindertrail #mindcharity #bikeride #scarborough #NormalisingNudity pic.twitter.com/FOSDD9lSZv

— Nakedcyclist (@Nakedcyclist69) May 31, 2023

According to Gilmour, being completely naked every day really helped his mental health and gave him confidence.

"I'm more comfortable and confident without clothes, believe it or not. It definitely created wonders with my body," the man told LancsLive.

The Manchester native said he rarely gets negative attention, although people who walk past him on the street often laugh or ask to be photographed.

"I don't really get bad reviews, someone told me to dress up and that's it," Gilmour admits. "Everyone just giggles, asks for a picture and asks what it's about."

Gilmour added that this has some additional benefits, including savings on energy bills due to the fact that he rarely has to do laundry.

The only times he really dresses is when he goes grocery shopping or heads to work, but some stores let him in without clothes either.

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