In the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, a horny couple who couldn't wait to return home began their erotic activities just on a moped while waiting at an intersection.

Writes about it

The man began to satisfy his beloved, who was driving.

The couple reportedly stopped at traffic lights along with several other cars. But while waiting for the green light to come on, a man sitting behind the woman reached for her, grabbed her chest and shoved his hand into her shorts, local media reported.

The woman in the driver's seat seemed to enjoy playful behavior, and stunned passers-by reported that she tilted her head back and slightly opened her mouth when the man got to work.

She seemed so absorbed in her lover's actions that it reportedly took her eight seconds to notice that the green light flashed and the movement continued.

The man satisfied the girl just on a moped / Photo: Facebook

At this point, she quickly put her hands back on the steering wheel and started the moped again, but the man did not seem to have removed his hand from her intimate place.

Stunned eyewitnesses quickly took out their phones and filmed it. After posting the footage on Facebook, one social media user asked, "Is there a law that can report this behavior while a motorcycle is driving?"

Another immediately intervened, adding: "This should not be qualified as a traffic violation, but as an obstruction of public morality."

We will remind, not so long ago in Bali, a tourist showed a naked vagina right in the middle of the street and angered the Network. She was detained by officers of the Indonesian immigration service.

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