When interesting events take place in Shebekin, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin awarded the head of the administration of the Shebekinsky city district of the Belgorod region, Vladimir Zhdanov, with the Order of Courage.

This is stated on the website of the Kremlin, reports Russian WMP.

The text of the decree states that Zhdanov was awarded "for courage and dedication shown in the performance of civic duty." The document was signed on June 1.

While Putin signed the decree on the award, chaos was taking place in Shebekin: the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was burning during the day, thick black smoke rose over the city. Because of this, locals began to leave the city en masse.

Recall that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed the breakthrough of the state border. They claim that the alleged attack of enemy attacks was repulsed with losses in equipment and manpower. In Russia, traditionally, Ukraine is blamed for the attack.

This morning, Russian rebels fighting against Putin's regime began the second phase of the "liberation" of the Belgorod region, the first on May 22. Fighters of the "Russian Volunteer Corps" and the "Freedom of Russia" Legion entered the territory of the Russian Federation, Belgorod region. According to RDK, now there is a battle for Shebekino.

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