(CNN Spanish) -- A case of animal abuse has shocked Mexico: a man threw a dog into a saucepan with boiling oil, causing his death. Authorities arrested the suspect in the assault on the dog and issued an additional arrest warrant for attempted murder for the argument he had earlier with another person.

The attack, which occurred on May 28 in San Pablo Tecalco, State of Mexico, began with an altercation between a merchant and a person who allegedly threatened him with a knife. At the exit of the premises, the suspect took one of the dogs that were on the public road and threw it into the container of boiling oil.

Rosa Icela Rodríguez, Secretary of Public Security and Citizen Protection of Mexico, said that "the subject was armed and before the aggression against the animal he argued with the owner of a butcher shop."

The event was captured in a video shared by some users on social networks. The images sparked outrage and demands for justice.

On May 30, the suspect was arrested at a home in Mexico City. If accused of aggression to the animal, the individual could face a penalty of between six and ten years in prison for acts of animal abuse or cruelty, according to the Criminal Code of the State of Mexico, which also establishes a 50 to 150-day fine for anyone who intentionally injures or causes the death of an animal.

"The detainee is investigated for his probable responsibility in the criminal act of animal abuse that occurred on Sunday, May 28, when he entered a butcher shop located in the town of San Pablo Tecalco, municipality of Tecámac, verbally assaulted the tenant, threatened him with a sharp instrument and at the time of leaving the establishment held one of the canines that were in that place and threw it into a saucepan with oil boiling, which caused his death," the Prosecutor's Office said.


The State Prosecutor's Office reported on May 31 that it obtained a second arrest warrant against the alleged assailant on the charge of attempted homicide for threatening the merchant.

CNN has not been able to confirm whether the defendant has a legal defense.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, condemned the fact: "It would be important to be aware that these things should not happen, they should not be admitted."

As CNN was able to confirm, the dog was called Scooby and its owner, Roberto Martínez, 11, only noticed the aggression when they were already taking the animal out of the oil saucepan. "I felt horrible... I couldn't stand seeing him there," said the boy, who spoke to CNN with his parents' permission.

"What I want is for justice to be done for Scooby," he said.

With information from Aarón García and Eduardo Aragón