Singer-traitor Ani Lorak was disgraced by a cynical act on the day when Russia fired ballistic missiles at Kyiv, and children died from the hostile actions of the occupiers.

The scandalous actress on Instagram said that it is necessary to help children. Therefore, the traitor urged to donate funds to the appropriate fund. However, Lorak raises funds to help Russian children when Ukrainian ones are killed by Russian missiles.

"Happy International Children's Day! Children are our future. May our children be better than we are. I have always helped, help and will help children, because they all deserve our love. Only love and mercy can change the world for the better," the traitor wrote.

Ani Lorak's post / Photo:

By the way, the foundation, to which Lorak calls to donate funds, is engaged in propaganda. The organization allegedly helps children affected by hostilities in Donbas. However, the foundation blames Ukraine for the war, when in fact Russia has invaded the territory of an independent country, occupied its cities and towns, and is committing crimes against innocent people. Meanwhile, the traitor Lorak justifies the Russian invasion with her "help".

Recall that singer Ani Lorak is silent about the war in Ukraine and turns a blind eye to the crimes of the occupiers. The scandalous actress remained to live in Russia and earns bloody rubles there. However, Ukrainians figured out how to take revenge on the traitor. They actively began to thank her for the "financial assistance" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so that Russia would not have a sweet life. Moreover, the Web even invented a "revenge fund for Ani Lorak", which buys drones to attack the aggressor country. This gave the result. Although Lorak denies everything, the performer's performances in Russia began to be massively canceled.

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