The European Investment Bank and the EU Bank have signed a grant agreement to allocate more than EUR 50 million to support critical infrastructure and build temporary bridges in regions of Ukraine affected by Russian shelling.

This was announced by the head of the State Agency for the Restoration and Development of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayyem.

"The destruction of road crossings leads to partial or complete isolation of communities. For our team, the restoration of such structures during the war is one of the priority tasks for the rapid provision of transport links with the affected settlements," he said.

Nayem thanked the EU partners for their contribution to the restoration of logistics in the most war-affected regions of Ukraine. The official added that since the beginning of the war, 85 temporary crossings have been built to establish transport routes to the affected settlements.

Earlier we reported that in the Dutch city of Flardingen, they are preparing to open an entire town for Ukrainian refugees - almost four hundred houses, a hospital and a school.

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