Blogger from Kyiv Kateryna T. scandalized by the statement about Patriot. She said the air defense system should be "sent to western Ukraine because she wants to get enough sleep." And this despite the fact that it is the Patriot that can shoot down the Iskander ballistic missiles that the Russian invaders launch at the capital.

This writes the telegram channel "Kyiv operational", publishing a video from Instagram scandalous blogger.

Blogger Kateryna T., who is signed on Instagram under the nickname "moon_girl888", recorded a video that outraged Ukrainians. She invented that if you take away from Kyiv the air defense system, which saves lives every night, then "it will finally get enough sleep."

"Today one question is tormented, is it possible to take this raged Patriot somewhere, for example, to the west of Ukraine. Just to sleep, let them not sleep a little. Because something was very relaxed even during curfew. And we sleep. I hope that our country does not cause such a desire in the SBU, because insanity is already enough," Kateryna T. cynically stated.

After the scandal, the 33-year-old woman closed access to her pages on social networks. However, users posted scandalous screenshots in which a woman blamed the United States for the fact that Russians are massively killing Ukrainians. She also said that "Ukraine is pretending to be fluffy."

"I hope the 'fluffies' will choke on the blood of their children. And people will open their eyes and understand that we will all be killed here. And whoever does not die from missiles will die of hunger," the Kyiv resident repeated Russian propaganda narratives.

The scandalous blogger blamed the United States for Russia's war against Ukraine. / Photo: screenshot from video

We will remind, blogger from Lviv Khrystyna Gorun, who on Instagram signed the pseudonym "chornamamba", defended lovers of Leps. She called on dissenters to "call the police", and in private correspondence also called the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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