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The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) continues to be in discussion. The NCERT has removed the entire chapters of Periodic Classification of Elements, Democracy, Political Party (full page), challenges of democracy from the 10th syllabus. NCERT has done this with the intention of reducing the load of syllabus on students. NCERT says that regular classes were not held during the Covid era. Now the burden of education on those students has increased drastically, so this decision was taken to reduce it.

However, educationists have objected to this decision of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Educationists say that such chapters are being removed from the class 10 syllabus, which are necessary for the intellectual development of students. Periodic table chemistry is considered very important for understanding. Earlier, NCERT had also removed the chapter of Charles Darwin's Evolution Theory from the syllabus of Class IX. Educationists had also raised questions on this. More than 1,800 scientists and teachers wrote a letter against it.

NCERT has also been in constant controversy for removing the history of Mughals from the syllabus
and removing the chapter on Maulana Azad. NCERT has also clarified on this whole controversy. NCERT says that the burden of syllabus on students is being reduced. Rationalization of syllabus is being done. It is not that periodic table classification will not be taught in chemistry. The periodic table is currently included in the 11th syllabus.

NCERT argues that the decision to remove these chapters has been taken due to the difficulty, overlapping of the same content and the lack of importance of these content in today's context. NCERT also says that in the last one-and-a-half years, the standing committee of experts had given this a thorough thought. After which it was decided to remove some chapters or subjects from the syllabus, so that the burden of studies on the students remains low.

However, there are also allegations that NCERT is deliberately removing some subjects or chapters from the syllabus, which may affect students' studies and their understanding of the subjects.

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