Milanka was born in October 2020 without ears and ear canals, and this was a shock not only for parents but also for doctors.

But the parents had to recover quickly to seek treatment for their daughter, because doctors said that this was not just an aesthetic difference, and the girl could not hear anything at all, and therefore would not be able to learn to talk.

During Milanka's first year, her parents visited Ukrainian medical facilities that offered different options, but they were all risky and worst of all, delayed in time. "They suggested living without ears and then installing a Baha bone conduction hearing aid on a screw where there is an open wound in the child's head. And these are high risks of infection. In the meantime, live with a hearing aid baha soft bandage, but it transmits all sounds not qualitatively. It should not be worn on or under a hat, because it vibrates and beeps a lot. Milan remains completely silent on the street. She doesn't hear anything," says the girl's mother, Christina.

Parents were worried, because if a child does not hear until the age of 5, he will not be able to learn to speak. They were looking for all sorts of options, and they found out about another girl from Ukraine who had an identical difference. For her, they conducted a collection for treatment in an American clinic. Milanka's parents were already planning to contact her, when a big war broke out and their hometown of Mariupol was under threat. Family with child hard, but left for Poland.

In a foreign country, Milanka was again examined, the results were sent to the United States and a positive response was received from the clinic, the girl was a candidate for surgery.

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"The clinic in the United States is the only clinic in the world where such operations are performed on children from 3 years old. In our case, it will be an operation to reconstruct the ears and install the OSIA hearing aid on a magnet. The ear is made of Medpor material, it is a high-quality artificial material. The main thing is that in America they give minimal postoperative risks. And such operations have been carried out there for more than 30 years for children from different countries. And in Europe, the experience of such operations is small, but in Ukraine it does not exist at all. And in one operation (which lasts up to 8 hours) they make the ear, open the ear canal and install the OSIA bone conduction hearing aid on a magnet. This means that there will be just skin on top and a small hearing aid will be magnetized behind the ear. There will be no open wounds. Also, this hearing aid is now the best in the world, and transmits all sounds 100%," says Christina.

After this operation, Milanka will be able to fully hear, talk and have a future. But for their services, doctors charge a fee, which for a Ukrainian family, which is also forced to live in a foreign country, the amount is simply sky-high - 166 thousand dollars. "The amount for two ears is 136,600 and postoperative rehabilitation is another $ 30,000. We chose America because it is the best solution for our child to be able to fully hear, learn to speak and live a normal full life. Because we want our child to be able to study at school, university and just hear everything," adds the girl's mother.

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