Investigators in Germany have searched the relatives of a man who may be involved in the Nord Stream explosions last fall.

This is reported by the publications Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The report states that the searches were conducted at the "non-accused person", and their purpose was to obtain information about a person who may be involved in sabotage.

Media reports that we are talking about a man who chartered the Andromeda vessel using a fake passport named Stafan M. This vessel may be involved in the explosions.

The publication Spiegel writes that. Investigators could look for why the perpetrators of the explosions chose the person M. Investigators believe that M. himself has nothing to do with sabotage on the "streams", and the available evidence could have been specially handed over to the investigators in order to let them go the wrong way.

It is indicated that the man who used the passport of Stefan M. lives in a city south-east of Kyiv. Journalists say they find his profiles on social networks. They allegedly belong to a Ukrainian infantryman.

In turn, the relatives of the suspect in a conversation with journalists said that he spent all last year on the territory of Ukraine.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on statements that allegedly Ukraine is responsible for the blowing up of Russian gas pipelines "Nord stream".

In addition, we previously reported that Germany and the United States reacted to the scandalous publication of journalists that a "pro-Ukrainian group" may be involved in sabotage on the Russian Nord Streams.

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