Here is the full list of names mentioned as ministers in the future cabinet "Denkov - Gabriel". He's unofficial.

Prime Minister of rotation - Nikolay Denkov and Mariya Gabriel


Minister of Finance - Assen Vassilev


Minister of Economy - Tsvyatko Georgiev


Nikolay Denkov on the negotiations for government: There is progress, wait a little more

Minister of Justice - Milen Mateev


Minister of Energy - Radoslav Ribarski


Minister of Regional Development and Public Works - Andrey Tsekov;

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Mariya Gabriel;

Minister for Innovation - Daniel Laurer;

Minister of Health - Dr. Hristo Hinkov;

Minister of Transport - Georgi Gvozdeykov;

Minister of Education and Science - prof. Genka Petrov;

Minister of Defence - Todor Tagarev;

Minister of Interior - Kalin Stoyanov;

Minister of eGovernment - Alexander Yolovsky;

Minister of Agriculture - Kiril Vatev;

Minister of Environment and Water - Julian Popov;

Minister of Tourism - Zaritsa Dinkova;

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Minister of Culture - Yana Genova;

Minister of Sports - Dimitar Iliev.

Today, for several hours, representatives of the two political formations discussed the last details in the room of the Speaker of Parliament. In front of the journalists, they were laconic. Nikolay Denkov said that negotiations continue and when there is a final decision, it will be announced.

According to Nova TV sources, the list of ministers is almost ready and small clarifications remain. It is expected tonight to be voted by the National Councils of the two formations and most likely to be officially announced tomorrow.

"There's progress, wait a little longer. Until the whole process is over, nothing is over. Have a little more patience, we are making progress," Denkov commented in parliament.

Earlier today, GERB leader Boyko Borisov announced that among the names there are both experts and political figures, but proposed mainly by the PP, so they will bear the main responsibility.

Draft cabinet