I expect the market to decide on the outcome of the initiative on the european transmission of energy from the Southern Caucasus through the Black Sea.

The EPA reports that Jeffrey Payat, assistant secretary of state for energy resources on a trip to Azerbaijan, told journalists.

What is important, he said, is the government's commitment to exploring the possibilities of this initiative and the desire to move forward in that direction: "I have had the opportunity to meet with Romania's energy minister, as you know, Romania is an important partner in this initiative. The Romanian minister also stressed almost the same point. We cannot say a word now about how this initiative will turn out. The market will determine what will be possible. '

Geoffrey Payat has stressed that they face a similar issue in the US: "The U.S. has great opportunities for renewable energy."

The American official noted that he believes innovation will allow such projects to be realized: "The energy transition is happening faster than people expect. New innovations make it possible for the process to pass quickly."

He has stressed that the region has geothermal energy potential in addition to energy and wind power.