Two vertical cracks appeared on two pillars of the Crimean bridge. They cover the entire length of the feet.

A photo confirming this was published on his page by activist Serhiy Sternenko.

"Crimean bridge. Looks reliable," the activist captioned the photo.

Previously, experts argued that the supports of the Kerch bridge are not able to withstand even the load of an empty railway line, not to mention the launch of trains.

Cracks appeared on the Crimean bridge

Cracks appeared on the Crimean bridge

Note, according to the expert, Crimea can be liberated by siege. To do this, it is necessary to destroy the Crimean bridge, as well as to ensure fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the peninsula and adjacent territories, in particular, at sea. But this requires long-range weapons and weapons.

At the same time, Zhdanov confirmed that Tomahawk and ATACMS missiles could destroy the Crimean bridge. However, Ukraine has not yet been given them.

Meanwhile, Ukraine can liberate the occupied peninsula before autumn, but everything will depend on military assistance.

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