Pm Modi alleged that the Congress has insulted the hard work of 60,000 workers and the feelings and aspirations of the country. (File photo)


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday lashed out at opposition parties, including the Congress, for boycotting the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament building, saying by doing so they not only insulted the country's sentiments and aspirations but also gifted India's moment of pride with "their selfish opposition".

Addressing a rally here to mark the completion of nine years of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Modi also alleged that India's success was not being digested by the opposition parties.

He said that behind every success of the country in the last nine years is the hard work of the people of India and the resolve shown by every Indian to take the country forward is unparalleled. He said that despite the pandemic, the country's economy reached new heights and today the world is saying that this decade is India's decade, this century is India's century.

"But some people are not digesting the achievements of India, this success of the people of India," Modi said, referring to the inauguration of the new Parliament building last Sunday.

During this, the enthusiastic crowd responded by saying 'yes-yes'. "But the Congress and some parties like it have thrown politics on this too. Such opportunities come only once in the lives of many generations. But the Congress has also gifted india's proud moment to its selfish opposition," he said.

Modi alleged that the Congress has insulted the hard work of 60,000 workers and the sentiments and aspirations of the country. He claimed that the anger of other opposition parties, including the Congress, was that the "son of a poor" was coming in the way of their arrogance, not allowing their arbitrariness to prevail and questioning their corruption and nepotism.

Several opposition parties, including the Congress, had demanded that President Draupadi Murmu inaugurate the new Parliament building, failing which they boycotted the inauguration ceremony.

Modi on Sunday inaugurated the new Parliament building and described it as a reflection of the aspirations and dreams of 140 crore Indian citizens. He had said that this building was the demand of the time and every particle of it reflects the vision of 'Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat'.

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