Featherweight adds success with "Ella Baila Sola" and "Rosa pastel" 1:23

(CNN Spanish) – Bizarrap and Peso Pluma – the singer who went viral on social media and quickly climbed the music charts worldwide with "Ella baila sola" with Eslabón Armado – unveiled their first collaboration on Wednesday.

It was under the well-known format of the Argentine producer, the BZRP Music Sessions, in the 55th edition of the repertoire. And it is nothing less than a corrido.

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This is the third song that Bizarrap has released so far this year. The video, as usual, premiered at 8:00 p.m. Atlanta time, 9:00 p.m. Argentina time.

The song is a theme of heartbreak with a melody outside of what Bizarrap has accustomed to its audience; this time, the Argentine moved to the sound of Peso Pluma with the guitars of the corridos. However, he stamped his personal stamp at the end of the collaboration with electronic sounds.


Bizarrap and Featherweight "ratted"

Bizarrap had announced the collaboration in the previous days with a peculiar announcement and perhaps the most elaborate he has made to date.

The artists became two stop motion characters, specifically mice, in the trailer published by Bizarrap on its Instagram account.

The Argentine is the first mouse to appear and is inspired by typical Mexican melodies and in his search for materials to replicate a trumpet he reaches the house of another mouse, Featherweight.

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That advance gave an air to the famous cartoons in the best style of the Looney Tunes.

On the walls of Bizarrap and Featherweight's lair there are also paintings and references to both singers. In Bizarrap's house we see illustrations (also in mice) of some of his most legendary sessions, such as that of Shakira, Duki, Arcangel, Villano Antillano and Residente. We also see pictures with cheeses, perhaps a reference to the word in networks "the cheese", which means that they endure or that they endure. There is also a framed Casio watch, a clear reminder of the already legendary session with Shakira.

On the Featherweight side, we see a Speepy Gonzales on the wall, as well as a charro hat, a Mexican flag, buttons and gloves, alluding to his stage name.

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Bizarrap's most popular collaborations

Each of the productions of the Argentine producer accumulates millions of views on YouTube. Here are the five most popular:

  • Shakira, "BZRP Music Sessions #53": 556 million views.
  • Quevedo, "BZRP Music Sessions #52": 526 million streams.
  • Nathy Peluso, "BZRP Music Sessions #36": 372 million streams.
  • L-Ghent, "BZRP Music Sessions #38": 322 million streams.
  • Thunder, "BZRP Music Sessions #6": 241 million streams.

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