At a time when Ukrainian defenders are bleeding, holding back the Russian invasion, and, step by step, recapturing our lands, and the civilian population is suffering from constant missile strikes and attacks by "shaheds", many officials – politicians and businessmen – have fled the country abroad.

Everything that is known about elite refugees from Ukraine and where they are trying to wait out the war, understood

The online newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda published a series of investigations about the Ukrainian "elite" who fled the war abroad. Judging by the investigation, most of the rich refugees from Ukraine settled on the Côte d'Azur – in the elite resorts of France and Monaco.

The second president of Ukraine Kuchma

Leonid Kuchma was noticed by journalists on the Cote d'Azur during a walk. He was accompanied by a security guard. Kuchma was engaged in Nordic walking, and then went to the estate of his son-in-law, Victor Pinchuk.

Leonid Kuchma on the Cote d'Azur / Screenshot

Tkach recalled that the second president of Ukraine commented on the aggression of the Russian Federation on the 15th day after the full-scale invasion.

It should be noted that it was during the time of President Kuchma, as a result of the 1999 agreement, that Ukraine transferred to Russia eight Tu-160 bombers and three Tu-95MS bombers, as well as 575 long-range air-launched cruise missiles Kh-55. It is with these missiles and aircraft that the Russian Federation is now striking at Ukrainian territory.

Brothers Surkis and Lovochkin

Mykhailo Tkach recorded how a charter plane arrived from Vienna to the Côte d'Azur on May 5. On board are two people's deputies from the banned "OPZZh" Serhiy Lovochkin and Grigory Surkis.

A number of Ukrainian people's deputies and officials were found on the Côte d'Azur / Screenshot

According to the journalist, both people's deputies were able to obtain official permission from the authorities to leave the country "for the sake of parliamentary activities."

Tkach claims that in Vienna, Surkis Sr. and Lovochkin met with businessman Dmitry Firtash.

A number of Ukrainian people's deputies and officials were found on the Côte d'Azur / Screenshot

Vadym Stolar

MP from "OPZZh" Vadym Stolar, according to journalists, also managed to leave the Ukraine. He was abroad until January 2023. However, on January 12, for the first time since the start of the war, he attended a parliamentary session.

The weaver showed a photo of the estate that Stolar allegedly rents from the settlement for the richest people in the world, Cap Ferrat.

The estate allegedly rented by Stolar

Instead of the front-line Kramatorsk - to the sea

According to Tkach, Maksym Efimov, a deputy from constituency 48 centered in Kramatorsk, was spotted in Nice on March 17 this year.

MP Maksym Efimov / Photo: UNIAN

Together with him, the mayor of the frontline city of Kramatorsk, Alexander Goncharenko, arrived as a charter. Both received permission for a business trip to Slovakia, from where they flew to France.

Honcharenko told the journalist that he had not been to Nice. When the mayor was shown a video of himself standing near a charter in Nice, he admitted that after a business trip to Slovakia, he had indeed visited France. According to the SBGS, the mayor of Kramatorsk returned to Ukraine on March 20.

Men similar to Efimov and Goncharenko leave the charter

Efimov did not deny that he visited Nice, because his daughter lives there, whom he "occasionally tries to visit."

Who else "caught" Tkach

Alexander Katsuba

Also, entrepreneur Alexander Katsuba was noticed on the Cote d'Azur, who in 2012 at the age of 26 became deputy chairman of the board of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine instead of his older brother.

The name of the Katsub family is associated with one of the biggest corruption scandals of the Yanukovych era — the purchase of "Boyko towers", recalls "Ukrayinska Pravda".

A few days later, Tkach stumbled upon Katsuba's car near an elite restaurant in Monaco.

Luxury car with Ukrainian number plates in Monaco

Katsuba told reporters that he was leaving Ukraine "to buy cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine" and "drove in with children."

Yura "Yenakievsky"

An ally of fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych, Yuriy Ivaniushchenko, known in business circles as "Yura Yenakiyevsky", did not follow the example of his comrade and fled to the Cote d'Azur instead of Russia. According to Tkach, Ivanyushchenko periodically runs between Moscow, Dubai and Monaco.

Boris Baum

The former Deputy Advisory and Expert Council of the Ukrainian gambling regulator Borys Baum was noticed on a walk in Monaco.

"A few minutes after filming Baum on the phone, we try to leave the territory of Monaco. But the road is blocked by a policeman. The police demanded to turn off the camera, unlock the phones, show the video and leave the territory of Monaco," Tkach said.

A man who looks like Boris Baum in Monaco

It should be noted that Boris Baum received Ukrainian citizenship in 2020. In August 2022, UNN wrote that Baum fled Ukraine on a Latvian passport.

Baum is accused of manipulating CRGL and lobbying the interests of the bookmaker 1XBet, which is associated with Russia.

The journalist also came across ex-MP from Batkivshchyna Oleksandr Tabalov, ex-deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council Volodymyr Skorobagach and others.

"Battalion Dubai"

In addition to France, wealthy Ukrainian citizens are waiting for the war in the UAE. In January of this year, Mykhailo Tkach shot a whole plot.

According to the interlocutors of "UP", deputies from OPFL Natalia Korolevskaya and her husband Yuriy Solod, oligarch Valeriy Khoroshkovsky have already moved to Dubai. Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was resting here with her family.

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