Russian President Vladimir Putin did not want to talk in detail about his work schedule and, reflecting on the complexity of managing a huge state, recalled a quote by Russian Emperor Alexander II about the futility of this matter. At the same time, he told how much time he could sleep, and agreed with the statement that "Russia is directly ruled by God."

The Kremlin owner shared his unexpected thoughts about public administration at meetings with large families, fragments of which were published by Russian propagandists.

Putin, in particular, said that, in his opinion, he sleeps a little. "Probably 6-7 hours, six mostly sleep. Today [on the night of June 1] I slept much less, it happened," said the president of the aggressor state, which launched a massive missile strike on the capital of Ukraine that night.

Putin refused to retell his work schedule because, according to him, "it is rather monotonous."

At the same time, reflecting on the complexity of managing a huge state, the Russian President recalled the words of Emperor Alexander II: "Leading Russia is not at all difficult, but useless." After a theatrical pause, Putin allowed those present to laugh at his "joke".

The Russian president also recalled the statement of the notorious in Ukraine Field Marshal Christoph Minich: "Russia is directly guided by God, and if it is not, then it is not clear how it exists at all."

"I would argue, because Russia, although guided by God directly, but it is clear that it exists at the expense of our people... It is a great honor and pleasure to live in our country, and even more so to use the opportunity provided by people to do what I do," Putin added to the thesis of a state official from the time of Peter I, who was a cruel ruler of Ukraine and led to the deaths of thousands of Ukrainian Cossacks and peasants in fortification works.

We will remind, during the attack of drones on Moscow and the Moscow region on Tuesday, may 30, the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin with a very high probability was in the residence "Novo-Ogaryovo". He was awakened early in the morning by the security service due to an air threat.

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