The Hong Kong Observatory issued another extreme heat special weather warning at 31:10 this morning (15st), indicating that the extreme heat and high temperature weather continued, and the Labour Department issued a yellow work heat warning again at 8:40 this morning, marking the second consecutive day that the heat pressure in some working environments is quite high. Labour Department reminds employers and employees to take appropriate measures to prevent heat stroke caused by working in hot weather or hot environments.

▼May 5 First work heat warning▼


The Observatory pointed out that the hot weather warning is now in effect, and Hong Kong is affected by the continuous high temperature weather, members of the public should be vigilant to guard against heat stroke or discomfort caused by extreme heat, and pay attention to their physical condition. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, headache, nausea, shortness of breath and confusion, you should rest and seek help immediately, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The Labour Department indicated that the Yellow Work Heat Warning had come into effect to remind employers and employees to take appropriate measures during the warning period to prevent heat stroke caused by working in hot weather or hot environments. Employers should assess the risk factors of heat stress at work and take necessary preventive and control measures in light of the identified risk factors, including rescheduling working hours, installing shade covers, providing ventilation and cooling equipment, and reminding staff to rehydrate and rest in a timely manner.

A spokesman said that when a heat warning is issued, employers should take into account the criteria and recommendations provided in the Guidelines for the Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work during the warning period, assess the amount of work performed by employees in outdoor or indoor working environments without air-conditioning systems and other relevant heat stress risk factors, and arrange appropriate rest periods per hour for different levels of heat warning as reasonably practicable to reduce the risk of heat stroke among employees.

Employees should also take regular rest as instructed and should immediately go to a cool place to rest and drink water if symptoms of heat illness such as headache, dizziness, thirst or nausea occur during work, and inform the employer/management to take appropriate action.

▼May 5 Labour Department promulgated the Guidelines for Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work▼


▼May 5 First work heat warning▼


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