Mosquito bites cause allergic processes and irritation on human skin. Ticks pose a greater threat. Their mass attacks on people are most recorded today in Kyiv and Lviv.

This was reported to by the head of the Main Department of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection of KyivOleg Ruban.

The specialist says that Kyiv and Lviv are the "leaders" in the disease of borreliosis.

"There are a lot of green spaces where a huge number of ticks that transmit Lyme disease have bred. We urge residents of these cities in case of detection of a tick to urgently seek medical help, followed by proper removal of the tick and diagnosis of the general condition of the person," says Oleg Ruban.

Earlier it was about the invasion of birds over Odessa: what kind of cluster it is and why they "attack" the city.

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