In the sky over Kyiv, more than a dozen flying objects were noticed flying in a chain. In social networks, users argue whether they are UFOs or satellites.

Scientists argue that most likely it is Elon Musk's Starlink. About three years ago, he launched them for 20-40 pieces. When they fly for the first time, they move in a stretched chain or pile. And after two days they stretch between themselves at a distance.

In Kyiv, Musk's satellite was noticed. / Photo: Photo from social networks

"Over the past few years, there have been a lot of such Starlink flybys. But I can't say who exactly launched them now. Of course, if objects move in the sky, then they are artificial, satellites fly without sound. Obviously, these are communication satellites, but who exactly launched them, I cannot say," Anatoly Kazantsev, a senior researcher at the astronomical observatory of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, told us.

The scientist explained what was in the sky over Kyiv. / Photo: Photo from social networks

Previously, Musk launched several dozen of them for several years. Then there was a break. Most likely, they are deteriorating and have now launched new ones. It is unlikely that the satellites were launched by NASA

"Pretty poor clarity. No individual fragments are visible. But the density of the chain indicates that they were launched recently. The audio in the last video is obviously local. Satellites fly without sound," the scientist commented on the video.

In the sky over Kyiv, Musk's satellite was noticed. / Photo: Photo from social networks

Recall that due to the flood in the north of the Kyiv region and in Kiev, a lot of mosquitoes divorced, from which residents suffer. In social networks they write that there are especially a lot of insects near water bodies and territories that were flooded during the flood.

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