"No one knows why they are looking for Petyo Petrov-the Euro. It is not a crime of high public importance. It is certainly not in connection with a murder investigation, which could potentially be carried out by Bulgarian authorities, although it was committed in South Africa. It cannot be in connection with this criminal proceedings because it should be monitored by another prosecutor's office and not by the SRS," Andrey Yankulov, a senior legal expert at the Anti-Corruption Fund, said in the show "This Morning".

According to him, the paths of the Euro and Curro probably cross. "There are all kinds of connections between such persons." The eight dwarfs "sanctified Petkov as a criminal network for undue influence in justice, which reaches to the top of the state accused," he said.

The Ministry of Interior has declared Petar Petrov - Petyo Euro wanted

Yankulov also commented on the request to lift the immunity of the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov.

"It is difficult to find a legal explanation why, three years after Barcelonagate, the prosecution wants the immunity of Boyko Borisov," he said.

"The Attorney General himself has said that the investigation will not be completed anytime soon when he breaks up his resignation, and now there is evidence to be charged. There is no way to escape the conclusion that there is some campaigning here and another intervention in the prosecution in political life is being sought," Yankulov said.

"Such proceedings have not reached a procedural end, I do not think there will be anything different now," he said.

According to him, an unraveling of the "Barcelonagate" case cannot be expected. "I don't think that's the goal. In the future, the situation may be reversed and there may be no need to unravel this case," he said.

Later in the day, the Anti-Corruption Fund will launch an interview with Petyo Petrov's ex-wife Lyubena Petrova.

"There is a confirmation of the criminal network in question and which we have always suspected he has," Yankulov said.

"There are names of specific magistrates, but this seems selective presentation of information. What is more valuable is a confirmation of the existence of this criminal enterprise. The names mentioned by Petrova are those of magistrates at a relatively high level," he said.

From his words it became clear that this is an Appellate and Supreme Prosecutor's Office.

In his words, there was no will to unravel the case "The Eight Dwarfs" because Petyo Petrov's network reached the top of the prosecution.