The tactics of lightning-fast point strikes even from infantry weapons, even from cannons. Ukrainian soldiers from the 228th battalion of the 127th brigade of territorial defense, after three weeks of street fighting with the "Wagnerites" in BakhmUt, are now holding defenses on the southern flank of the Bakhmut direction. But the military admits that the defense itself will not lead to the liberation of Ukraine, so they are trying to beat the enemy on the outskirts of Toretsk proactively, according to TSN.

Combat aircraft fly here every day, shooting battles break out and artillery works incessantly, but it's not hell, says the battalion. "There was always hell in Bakhmut," he says.

His 228th battalion, the 127th Kharkiv Territorial Defense Brigade, fought for three weeks among the ruins in Bakhmut, but there merged day and night. "There are two buildings and they are separated there for 150 meters, there is a battle between them. Arta shoots them, hits them, ours shoots - overturns. Tanks drive here, here fighters shoot from the first floor," Konstantin Zhydkov, commander of the 228th battalion of the 127th Brigade of TRO, recalls the fighting.

In Bakhmut, the battalion fought mainly against the "Wagnerites". Now, a quarter of a hundred kilometers to the south, soldiers are destroying Russian regular forces. Helps fighters mobile "MK" - a 40-mm American automatic grenade launcher. It was developed in the late 60s, but the Ukrainian military modernized weapons: the machine was installed on wheels. As soon as the "birds" notice enemy infantry, in a matter of seconds a calculation for a shot appears.

Before the temporarily captured Horlivka, there is now mainly a trench war. The territorial defense forces claim that the occupiers do not have the resource to attack with infantry simultaneously along the entire front. Instead, the enemy has plenty of heavy shells. "Grad rockets and barreled artillery arrive here. Since we are standing in a five-kilometer zone, even 120 mortars arrive," the soldiers say.

But Ukrainian defenders admit that they are trying to beat the enemy proactively - the tactic of small cuts. "Our pilots are on duty. Who see some movement somewhere. After 10 minutes, this movement is no longer there," the defenders say.

The Ukrainian drone-spotter in the direction of the invaders' hiding place and the crew of the S-60th Brigade are rushing simultaneously. One and a half dozen shells after several sighting, no longer than three minutes, the military send exactly on target. In seconds, the calculation is removed from positions. Everyone here understands that such lightning attacks are very effective, but also extremely risky. "The response arrives, they always respond. But, as we work, let's say so boldly and quickly, they do not have time to spot us," says the gun commander of the 228th battalion of the 127th Brigade of the TRO "Sova".

But most importantly, after such crushing blows, the enemy does not even think of attacking with infantry. Instead, Ukrainian attack aircraft have the opportunity to do their part. "We are going to storm here! Landing after landing, meter by meter, we take our land," says Konstantin Zhidkov, commander of the 228th battalion of the 127th Brigade of TRO.

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